An artist needs his canvas and paint to share his thoughts with the world, similarly, at Atharva Atelier, we provide an array of services to bring alive the vividness of your imagination

3D Design / 3D Visualization

The initial construction of your design ideas happen using 3D modelling. It is the first step in making things 3D from a 2D floor plan. Our artist uses mathematical inferences to generate models which showcase length, width and depth of your plan in greater detail. This technology also lets you add textures to these models going that extra mile from functional to eye pleasing. From glass to wood to cloth, name it and we will create it for you. A combination of technical as well as artistic renditions, 3D models are a sure shot at leaving your viewers impressed

3D Rendering

Have a new project in the pipeline? Wish to communicate your 3D designs better? Need an effective and proven way to showcase interior, exterior and aerial view of your project? We provide breath-taking 3D renders of your dream project! We give 3D models a make-over to create engaging, aesthetic visuals that have a better orientation of objects and their surroundings. This technology helps to look at your plan from every angle, allows better design analysis and provides a realistic visualization of the final product

Augmented Reality

Add digital elements to your ideas using one of the most sort after, futuristic technologies – Augmented Reality. Superimpose sound, images, texts to your idea prototype, simulate the furniture in your interior design ideas, generate pop-ups of projected structure enriched with additional content – the possibilities are endless! Trusted by many architects, interior designers and planners as the most practical design solution to present one’s ideas. Get the power to customise a space the way you want, perfect design layouts and transport the viewer to the land of your imagination

Virtual Reality

Going on virtual tours is the next big thing! Give yourself a wholesome immersive tour of your dream space. Walkthrough hallways, customise spaces, get a complete cinematic experience of properties while they are still in the developing stage. Using VR, get to accentuate colours schemes, layouts, rooms etc. Get alterations done on-the-go while you seamlessly interact with the space you might call yours soon. This sophisticated technology will elevate your user-experience like never before!

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